Van Rensselaer Lodge of Perfection

2022-2023 Annual Report

Illustrious Active, Illustrious Deputy, Illustrious Deputy Representative, my fellow Presiding Officers, and Brethren ALL:

Another year has passed, and a great year it was!  It has been a year of challenges, obstacles, learning, and growth in leadership, not only for me in my fraternal experience, but in my professional life as well.  But as must all things, my time as Thrice Potent Master must come to an end.  I am eternally grateful to you all for entrusting me with the duties and responsibilities of this office.  From the very beginning, I understood that it would indeed be a challenge to follow in the footsteps of the many Past Thrice Potent Masters before me, and to stand in the shadows of such great Masonic leaders, the likes of my immediate predecessor, Angelo Deserio, Illustrious Mike Ehle, 330, Fraternal Secretary, and Illustrious Anthony Cracco 330, Active Member to the Supreme Council.  These are but a few of many.  When I accepted the gavel for the first time, I stated that I did not take this responsibility lightly, and I don’t, and that I would bring forth 110% effort in my duties, and I have tried.  I can only hope that I have done the post justice and have made you proud. 


If I could describe this past year’s plethora of activities in one phrase, it would be “melting pot”.  There was something for everyone to enjoy.  For sports fans, there was baseball.  There was Cubs baseball.  If you don’t like the Cubs, there was Sox baseball.  There was even Chicago Dogs baseball if you don’t like the big leagues.  Then there was basketball, DA BULLS!  And there was football, as we witnessed one of the great championship games of the modern era at our Superbowl Party.  Those of us who enjoy a little cosplay were able to pull out our best Western garb to celebrate our Fall Reunion Theme, Masonry on the Western Front.  In the Spring, we explored National Masonic Treasures as a theme, and got to “dress up” some more. Our Blue Lodge ritual enthusiasts had the opportunity to witness several 3rd degree presentations by our Ancient Craft Degree Team, who raised brethren from Westchester Lodge  No. 995, Ravenswood  No. 777,  Evans No. 524, Paul Revere No. 998, and Barrington No. 522, throughout the year.  Our Masonic scholars and history buffs got their fix with our Robert Burns Night, our keynote speakers Kyle Grafstrom, who spoke on the Wild West, and Timothy Draper, who spoke on treasure hunting, the Chicago Prohibition Tour of  Speakeasies, and our Double Eagle Con education symposium, which featured some of the most prominent Masonic Speakers of our time, including our very own Scott Dueball.  Our families enjoyed many activities this year as well, including Fall Fest, Picnic at Cantigny, our theatre tour and lunch n’ learn events.  It was indeed a year loaded with interesting and engaging activities.


My fellow presiding officers, we make a great team! It has been a special year. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to navigate with.

Our outgoing Sovereign Prince, Dave Truax, you are a true leader and a gentleman.  It has been a great honor to serve beside you.  I’m sure your next chapter will be great. We wish you many blessings.  

My fellow Lodge of Perfection officers, you all have been of great support.  I will be there with you all as your journeys continue.  

Our Active and Deputy’s Rep,  thank you for your dedication to the Valley and its membership.

The Lodge of Perfection degree directors, Ill Russ Scanlan, Deputy Master (4th Degree), Sante Deserio, (14th Degree), THANK YOU.

A special THANK YOU to Dave Koss.  Your diligence, hard work and attention to detail have been inspirational, and you will be sorely missed in the front office.

Debbie P. and Mike Kuniej, the work you do is invaluable.  Thank you.

And to ALL of you, the brethren of the Valley, it has been a pleasure to serve you.

Brethren, the state of our Valley remains strong, and our future remains bright.  As I move into the next chapter of my Scottish Rite journey, I am confident that these halls will remain a place of joy for me to enter.  I will not be “retiring” or “riding off into the sunset”.  I will remain an active and productive member of this Valley until I am no longer able.  I am also confident that the incoming Presiding Officers will be and will remain vigilant in their pursuit of greater things to come for our Valley.  See you soon, Brethren.

Humbly and Respectfully submitted,

Reuben M. Owens
Thrice Potent Master