Van Rensselaer Lodge of Perfection

2020-2021 Annual Report

To the Illustrious Deputy, Illustrious Deputy Representative, Illustrious Active, Illustrious Active Emeritus, Presiding Officers, Officers of the Lodge of Perfection and Members of the Valley of Chicago:

I come to you humbly and most sincerely to say thank you, Thank you for allowing me to serve you as the Thrice Potent Master for the previous year.
I had some big shoes to fill to make this body proud and I hope I have accomplished just a part of that.

While there were many items on the agendas of myself and my fellow presiding officers our plans have changed from March 15, 2020, to the current day. COVID attempted to take our Valley and bring it to a place it has not seen in our live time, but the Valley of Chicago being the premier Valley in the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction, IT DID NOT SUCCEED.

What a year we have had. We have had multiple guest speakers and educational programs, thanks to the guidance of Brother Guide Sobecki, Most Wise Master. We shared some lasting brotherhood, that cannot be taken away and only assisted in making our Valley Stronger.

While we have had a tremendous slowdown in our efforts that most of us have not seen in our lifetime, we continue to work with the Cathedral Board to provide support and help to each one of you. From weekly calls to almoner support, to virtual programs and degrees. We are here for you and your families.

I would be remised if I did not offer some additional thanks.

To Brother David Koss and his team, I thank you for your assistance and rapid response to all of our requests this year.

To our past presiding officers of the Lodge, I thank you for your leadership and knowledge. To the officers of the Lodge of Perfection I thank you personally for your kindness and support.
My fellow presiding officers who make up the executive committee, I thank you for your continued positive guidance and support, to the Lodge and to this Valley, YOU ARE what makes this fraternity the absolute best.

I wish to offer a sincere thank you to the men who have guided me and mentored me in my masonic journey for the past 17 years, with out you, I would not be the Mason I am today.
To my loving and caring wife, Carol, I can never say thank you enough for your continued support. Sometimes we forget our Masonic Widows, but I can not forget to thank your for everything.

My brethren of the Valley of Chicago, I charge you to continue to work with the officers to make your experience better. Tell them what you need. Tell them what you want to see us do. Take a part in a degree. Work with the many various committees in the valley and make the change you want to see.

I can also say, my experience as an officer has been nothing short of amazing. Take the time, step up and
ask a presiding officer to put you into a line and take part in the leadership of this valley, as you will not
be sorry.

As my time as Thrice Potent Master has come to a close, I can say, YES, it is true what they tell you,
“Don’t blink, because before you know it, it will be over.”

We have come a long way with this valley, and we continue to move forward and progress towards
perfection. Not human perfection, but that spiritual and moral perfection that we all strive to achieve.

My brethren, I thank you, I love you all and I respectfully request the acceptance of this report.

Angelo S. Deserio
Thrice Potent Master
Van Rensselaer Lodge of Perfection