The Meritorious Service Award

The Supreme Council Constitutions provide that the “Award for Meritorious Service” may be conferred upon members of the Scottish Rite who, by reasons of meritorious services of a Masonic character, are worthy of such recognition.

The recipients must have attained the Thirty-Second Degree of the Scottish Rite. The following members of the Valley of Chicago have, as of this date, and upon the recommendation of the four presiding officers of the Valley and the approval of the Illinois Council of Deliberation, been invested with this prestigious honor.

The M.S.A. can only be awarded by a State Council of Deliberation to a member in good standing for outstanding or significant services performed within the Scottish Rite and cannot be applied for.

Nominated Candidates

Congratulations to these brothers who have been nominated by the presiding officers of the Valley of Chicago to receive the Meritorious Service Award at the 2024 Illinois Council of Deliberation.

Robert D. Nielsen II
Kenneth J. Stortz


Past Honorees

Dale R. Bennett1981
Gerald D. Carlton1981
James E. Durbin1985
Carl H. Anderson1988
Donald H. Helmig1988
Robert G. Proudfoot1990
Gregory R. Klemm1991
Richard T. Carnall1992
Michael C. Hinds*1997
Roy L. Stastny1999
Sam V. Loiacono2001
William C. Aylesworth2002
Robert L. Cook*2002
Richard E. Hummel*2002
David F. Sedivy2002
Edward E. Derry*2003
Martin G. Vilimek2003
Franklin E. Cline*2004
Ponciano S. Cochon Sr.2005
Jay Faermark2005
G. Nick Graff*2005
Daryl W. Selock2006
William J. Smith2006
Edward C. Steffy2006
Edward J. Witas, III2006
H. Wayne Hoffman*2007
Frank P. Lasik, Jr.2007
James H. Oehler2007
Frank S. Winans2007
Noel J. Kalis2008
Donald R. Carruthers2009
Donald F. Edwards*2009
Charles G. Smith2010
Gonzalo J. Meza2011
Donald E. Esser2012
Robert F. Spencer*2012
Matthew F. Gibbons*2013
Lance J. Welter2013
Stanley W. Smith2014
William E. Carlton2015
Burton K. Schorr Jr.2015
Joseph W. Pegoraro2016
Robert W. Haggarty, III2017
John P. Marquardt2017
John D. Riggs2017
Russell A. Scanlan2018
Daniel H. Slomiany2018
Barry S. Alpern2019
Hammond E. White Jr.2019
Terry J. Hartl2020
Carl S. Peterson2020
Marc C. Brofka2021
Herbert J. Lindberg Jr.2021
Kurt F. Rubin2022
Steven A. Schenk2022
Robert Kogut2023

*Dual Member