President’s Report

2022-23 Annual Report

To all Members of the Scottish Rite Cathedral Association Valley of Chicago:

Similar to my report from last year, much of our 2022-23 Board efforts were concentrated on Protecting, Improving and Transitioning. Once again, I am pleased to report that I believe the Board and the Valley will continue to be strong!

Our most significant efforts this past year have been PROTECTING our assets – both the financial and the physical. Financially, we all experienced swings in the marketplace, and our Financial Committee did a stellar job managing the overall growth of our portfolio. Through all the ups and downs, we continue to be financially sound. Because of our financial acuity, we were able to continue to protect our physical property too. Our House Committee continues to look at immediate as well as long term needs as we maintain and IMPROVE our physical home. The most significant improvement was the acquisition of 333 E. Lake Street. This purchase immediately provides additional parking and event space just west of our property, but more importantly, it ensures that no future development will ever encroach upon our Valley. By expanding our site footprint, we have protected the border of our fraternal home while providing opportunity for the Rite to address future physical needs should it ever arise.

In 2021 we had several changes in the leadership at the Valley. This past year we saw another significant TRANSITION. After four years serving as the Valley’s Executive Secretary, Dave Koss has decided to refocus his professional efforts to grow his private professional consulting practice. We thank Dave for his dedication and time spent helping all of us at the Rite. We are a better fraternity today with much credit because of Dave’s work, his leadership and friendship. While we begin our search for our next Executive Secretary, we also wish Dave the best of luck in his personal endeavors.

Once again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the President of your Board of Directors for the past two years. Thank you to all our Board members who have worked so hard to make our Valley the best. Thank you to our Active, Ill. Anthony Cracco, our District Deputy Ill. Charles August, our legal counsel, Ill. David Martin, our Treasurer Ken Armbruster and our Almoner Kris Caldwell. I appreciate all of you and your desire to constantly improve the VOC. Finally, thank you to our Administrative drivers, Debbie, Michael, Lidia and Amanda. Although you may not hear it often enough, your contributions are many, recognized and appreciated.

My Brothers our Valley is STRONG!

Sincerely and fraternally submitted,

Michael W. Behm
Board President