President’s Report

2023-24 Annual Report

To My Fellow Brethren of the Valley of Chicago:

It is my pleasure to report on behalf of the Cathedral Association for the Valley of Chicago. Your board has worked very hard over the past year to maintain and improve your valley. 

We began the year amid a search for our new Executive Secretary.  I would like to thank the search committee, led by our own Executive Committee- Kris Caldwell, 33⁰, Joe Pegoraro, MSA, Brandon Zears, Russ Scanlan, VA, MSA, 33o, and also including Bruce Zimmerman.  They put in many hours of research, meetings, and interviews.  The board was very pleased that they found our new Executive Secretary, Eric Smith, 33⁰.  We wish Eric many years of success here at our valley.

The Finance Committee was led by a new chairman for the first time in several years, Brian Owen, who did a great job leading the committee.  They have our valley on sound financial footing, and our investments are now valued greater than they were before we purchased the adjacent property in January of 2023.

The House Committee continued updating and improving our wonderful building under the leadership of their chairman, Mike Behm.  They have developed a long-term schedule of maintenance and improvements to guide the future of our facilities.

The Executive Committee, with Brandon Zears as their chairman, not only assisted with the hiring of our new Executive Secretary but were also responsible for two successful reunions, as well as a variety of other quality events for the benefit of our membership.

Thank you also to our Illustrious Active Anthony R. Cracco, 33⁰, our Illustrious Active Emeritus Larry Inglis, 33⁰, and our Illustrious Deputy’s Representative Charles A. August, 33⁰, for their continued advice and support.

The Valley of Chicago is in a position to continue being a premier Masonic body for many years to come, and it has been an honor to serve as president.


Sincerely and fraternally submitted,

Andrew A. Keppy, 33o
Board President