Oriental Consistory S.P.R.S.

2019-2020 Annual Report

Illustrious Active, Illustrious Active Emeritus, Illustrious Brothers and Grand Elect Masons all;

I bring you greetings and salutations from your 2018-2020 Oriental Consistory line.

As Fraternal Secretary and Treasurer reports have been given, we shall dispense with any additional reference and move to the of the Valley of Chicago’s Oriental Consistory Annual Report.

Over the past year, our Consistory once again placed a high priority on leadership development. It was during one of our monthly meetings, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs was discussed and how it may be applied in leadership, specifically the three highest needs, Belonging (friendship), Esteem (accomplishment), and Self-actualization (potential). Our 2nd Lieutenant Karl Nygard, suggested, to continue to explore Maslow’s theories, we might consider attending the 2019 Willow Brook GLS – Global Leadership Summit. This summit, given yearly, is designed to continue the team’s leadership development by identifying goals and potential resources needed to advance the Valley of Chicago’s vision and mission.

We reviewed the agenda for the GLS and in fact, did attend. The presentations covered many different aspects and theories of leadership, but the ones we, as a group, felt addressed areas of our leadership growth, while helping us with a better understanding of Maslow’s theories, included:

Craig Groeschel – Bending the Curve
Ben Sherwood – Leading and Succeeding in the Age of Disruption
Jason Dorsey – Generational Clues Uncovered
Jia Jiang – Rejection Proof
Bear Grylis – Soul Fuel

As we did our retrospective on this two-day summit, we realized the value of the learnings and takeaways should be experienced by all line officers. In the next Executive Board Meetings, we have recommended that each line, to continue the growth of leaders the Valley of Chicago will need in the future, should consider making attendance a priority for all officers and that it could be beneficial to the entire membership if we could arrange a complete showing of the Summit in our auditorium.

For the Fall Reunion, the Consistory Officers looked towards one of our members for leadership inspiration- Brother Edward Hall, 32° Scottish Rite Mason. Brother Hall is one of the last survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack. Brother Hall was at Hickam Field on December 7, 1941, when the first wave of Japanese planes attacked. Albeit, Brother Hall’s main message was not about his experience and leadership during the war, but how his Masonic learnings and teachings have guided him through his life both then and now.

Having attended Willow Brook Global Leadership Summit, sat, spoke, and learned from our own “famous” leader Brother Ed Hall, it was time for the Oriental Consistory to lead and support the Statewide Spring Reunion in Bloomington, Illinois on March 6th and 7th, 2020. Each of nine Illinois Scottish Rite Consistories presented one degree with the Valley of Chicago presenting the 26°, Friend and Brother Eternal. This his was an outstanding Scottish Rite Day, bring together all nine valleys to just for the degrees but more importantly, the hallway/water cooler discussions – the discussions from which one learns.

On behalf of; Angelo S. Deserio, Thrice Potent Master, Chad M. Lacek, HGA, Sovereign Prince, and Antwane O. Lee, Most Wise Master, we thank; Brothers Blasius, Caldwell, Hartl, Nygard, Preston, Giese, Sobecki for their outstanding performances in the 26° degree, Brother Mark Victoria, Consistory Color Bear, for his direction, leadership, and coordination of the 26°. For their work in wardrobe and make-up Brothers Slomiany, Tejeck, Hennebry, Riggs and Brothers Nokes and Messineo for their support of the Knights of St. Andrews.

To say the Oriental Consistory has had an interesting year is rather oxymoronic. From attending the two-day Willow Brook Global Leadership Summit, a weekend with Brother Edward Hall, a survivor of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, supporting the Statewide Scottish Rite Reunion, to, unfortunately, fighting a war with an unseen enemy – an enemy causing us to rethink our meetings, degree work, and our general brotherhood strategies. Yet, even with these temporary inconveniences, they have done nothing but strengthen our commitment to our core Scottish Rite values; Reverence to God, Devotion to Country, Sense of Justice, Tolerance to Others, and, most importantly, Service to our Masonic Brothers.

Remember, this too shall pass.

I ask the acceptance of this annual report.

Respectfully submitted,
Lance J. Welter, VA, MSA, 33o
Oriental Consistory, S.P.R.S.