Oriental Consistory S.P.R.S.

2023-2024 Annual Report

Illustrious Active, Illustrious Deputy, Illustrious Deputy Representative, my fellow Presiding Officers, and Brethren,

It is with a feeling of great humbleness that I write this report.  I have had the opportunity over the past two years to serve the Valley as the Commander-in-Chief of the Consistory and over a decade serving as an officer and on various committees.  I have made some great friends and enjoyed some amazing experiences over the years.

The decisions made by the Executive Committee are only possible through the guidance and expertise of our amazing staff, committees, and officer lines. This gathering of passion and talent from every walk of life is what makes our Valley an icon of Freemasonry throughout the Midwest.

I have enjoyed serving with some of the best men in our fraternity over the past year and am honored to have been asked many years ago to join the Consistory line and have the opportunity to receive great mentorship from all of our past CICs.

Most importantly, our degrees on the stage have become an opportunity for every director, actor, and committee member to push the limits and do what we’ve never done before. The Scottish Rite has always valued innovation and evolution of storytelling, which has been epitomized by the cleverly themed updates to the 4th degree presented at both Reunions. We are boldly experimenting with degree staging, special effects, scene direction, and have redefined the 32nd degree for the NMJ thanks to Daryl Selock.

I cannot fail to acknowledge, all of the mentors and support I have received over the years. My fellow presiding officers, we make a great team! This year has been a blast! My fellow Consistory officers, your dedication means the world to me. A huge thank you to all our committee chairmen and degree directors, for without your service, we would not be as strong as we are. And most especially our office staff, our new Executive Secretary Eric Smith, 33o, Debbie Pasiewicz, and Michael Kuniej, without your dedication and attention to detail, our events would not come together.

Brethren, the state of our Valley is strong. Our future is bright and in great hands. Your Executive team will continue to strive to bring rich and memorable experiences to the membership. Your Cathedral Board will continue to work to conserve our assets and maintain our financial wellness.
Respectfully Submitted,

Brandon A. Zears