Lodge Ambassadors

Brethren building a strong fraternal network

The mission of the Valley of Chicago’s Lodge Ambassador network is to introduce brethren from the many Blue Lodges across Chicagoland (see complete list below) to fellow Masons whom they otherwise might not have an opportunity to meet through the inspiring, convenient and enjoyable Scottish Rite experience.  Two Lodge Ambassadors may be designated for each Blue Lodge to assist brethren in joining the Scottish Rite.

Although the Scottish Rite confers additional degrees with higher numbers and distinctive titles, there is no “higher” degree than that of Master Mason in all of Freemasonry, and Scottish Rite members comprise a vast network of active, dedicated Blue Lodge Masons interested in expanding the bonds of fellowship.  These relationships between men of good character strengthen the fraternal chain and can last a lifetime.

Sponsoring candidates – a brotherly obligation

A candidate may have his petition signed by any Scottish Rite Mason in Illinois that is in good standing. Sponsoring a candidate is an important responsibility, one which can have the most meaning when members of the candidate’s Blue Lodge share the Scottish Rite experience together. Of course, which brother he asks to sign his petition is the choice of the candidate

Above all, no candidate should ever have to miss a joining opportunity due to a delay in finding sponsors.  If unable to locate sponsor(s) in time to participate in a Reunion or other joining opportunity (such as during the summer when many Blue Lodges go dark), a candidate may print a sponsor’s name on his petition and submit it.  The Valley of Chicago will then seek to obtain the requisite signature(s) in a timely fashion.

What are Lodge Ambassadors encouraged to do?

  • While serving as a Scottish Rite representative to his Blue Lodge brethren, each Lodge Ambassador is encouraged to:
  • Keep in touch with his Blue Lodge(s) and be willing to sponsor candidates who need petitions signed.
  • Stay informed about the Valley of Chicago by subscribing to Scottish Rite News and Echoes e-mails.
  • Whenever convenient, attend Scottish Rite events including fraternal, charitable and social activities.
  • Suggest the name of a reliable successor in the event he becomes unable to perform these functions.

An opportunity to share Scottish Rite Freemasonry

It is a privilege to represent the Scottish Rite at the Blue Lodge level, and Lodge Ambassadors may request support materials such as membership brochures, magazines or videos.  Lodge Ambassadors demonstrating exemplary performance are eligible for special recognition including membership awards for sponsoring candidates who go on to become active Scottish Rite Masons.

To have a petition signed or to reach a Lodge Ambassador listed below for whom you do not have contact information, or to be designated a Lodge Ambassador for your Blue Lodge
(especially if it is among those not yet formally assigned one), please contact the Valley of Chicago Cathedral, at 630-439-3400 or webmaster@scottishritechicago.org.

Northeastern Area Lodges

* Names marked with an asterisk below have been tentatively identified as prospective Lodge Ambassadors based on their Blue Lodge and Scottish Rite membership status. If your name is listed with an asterisk and you’d like to be designated a Lodge Ambassador or suggest another lodge brother you think might be interested, please contact the Valley of Chicago Cathedral.

Illumination No. 5 (Bloomingdale)
James D. Pankiewicz IIMichael Camara
Oriental No. 33 (Chicago)
Unity No. 48 (Geneva)
Euclid No. 65 (Naperville)
Walter HemphillBrandon A. Zears
Waukegan No. 78 (Waukegan)
D. C. Cregier No. 81 (Wheeling)
Gail AdkinsTBD
Jerusalem Temple No. 90 (Aurora)
Douglas KeppyTBD
Rising Sun No. 115 (Grayslake)
Kris CaldwellGeorge Giese
Elgin No. 117 (Geneva)
Laurence E. Nichols, Sr.*TBD
Millburn No. 127 (Lake Villa)
Mark C. BrofkaTBD
Geneva No. 139 (Geneva)
C. Mark JacobsTBD
Old Glory No. 141 (Des Plaines)
Kevin B. Peto*James J. Schwichtenberg*
DeKalb No. 144 (DeKalb)
Xander J. "Guide" SobeckiTBD
McHenry No. 158
Nunda No. 169 (Crystal Lake)
Russell S. Schlosser, 33° *TBD
Matteson No. 175 (Joliet)
William H. Poole, Jr.TBD
Dundee No. 190 (Dundee)
Chad M. Lacek, HGATBD
Wheaton No. 269 (Wheaton)
La Moille Calumet No. 270 (Homewood)
Vincent F. Garrett*Frank J. Palella*
North West No. 271 (Chicago)
Macario J. Ramos, 33°TBD
Wauconda No. 298 (Wauconda)
Ryan T. WeihofenTBD
Raven No. 303 (Oswego)
Ben DuranTBD
Palatine No. 314 (Palatine)
Mark NokesGerald Fortune
Blackberry No. 359 (Elburn)
Gary L. MooreTBD
Batavia No. 404 (Batavia)
James M. BoyicJody M. Switzer
Hesperia No. 411 (Chicago)
James W. VossWayne Spooner
Landmark No. 422 (Joliet)
Chris LangTBD
Chicago No. 437 (Skokie)
Roland PaulnitskyPatrick Perry
Kendall No. 471 (Yorkville)
Ric KayerTBD
Amity No. 472 (West Chicago)
Nicholas GouskosTBD
Pleiades No. 478 (Westchester)
Phillip VaillancourtTBD
Libertyville No. 492 (Libertyville)
Gerry D. ThomasPatrick J. Sand
Barrington No. 522 (Barrington
Oswaldo TrejoMark Victoria
Evans No. 524 (Evanston)
Robert L. WingaderTBD
Plainfield No. 536 (Plainfield)
Michael S. Rife*TBD
Lockport No. 538 (Lockport)
Judson P. Brady*Jeremiah H. Hall*
Union Park No. 610 (Chicago)
William J. "Bill" MacakDaniel H. Slomiany, MSA
A. O. Fay No. 676 (Highland Park)
David A. TruaxDavid Greenberg
Crete No. 763 (Crete)
Scott W. Sonnenberg*TBD
Arcadia Palace No. 765 (Lansing)
Bartell K. KeithleyRoy Robinson
Triluminar No. 767 (Lansing)
George T. Vukelich*TBD
La Grange No. 770 (Western Springs)
Richard T. Carnall, MSA, 33°Larry F. Rice*
Ravenswood No. 777 (Chicago)
Tinley Park No. 810 (Tinley Park)
Christopher BrownKen Armbruster
Lawn No. 815 (Oak Lawn)
David MorphewTBD
Ben Hur No. 818 (Palatine)
Geogy GeorgeWallace R. Wilson
Green Dragon No. 821 (Elmhurst)
Mike LandtTBD
Grove No. 824 (Downers Grove)
Jeff KlawitterTBD
Sequoit No. 827 (Antioch)
Robert F. Raukohl*TBD
Oak Forest No. 832 (Oak Forest)
George E. Coppess*Joseph G. Lauricella*
Berwyn No. 839 (Berwyn)
Christopher VanderKuylTBD
River Forest-Austin No. 850 (Western Springs)
Brian C. Duke*TBD
King Oscar No. 855 (Chicago)
Riverside No. 862 (Riverside)
Raymond J. BabinskyTBD
St. Cecilia No. 865 (Chicago)
Wilmette Park No. 931 (Wilmette)
Hinsdale No. 934 (Hinsdale)
Aaron J. WilcoxTBD
Elmhurst No. 941 (Elmhurst)
Glen Ellyn No. 950 (Wheaton)
Lynn E. “Buzz” Linde*Michael K. Pender*
Constellation No. 974 (Des Plaines)
Gus KatsafarosTBD
Park Ridge No. 988 (Franklin Park)
Burton K. Schorr, Jr.TBD
Westchester No. 995 (Westchester)
Kelvin J. Martin, Jr.*Michael J. Uchison*
Sunrise No. 996 (Westchester)
Robert A. Rylowicz, 33°TBD
Integrity No. 997 (Skokie)
Paul Revere No. 998 (Chicago)
Reuben M. OwensTBD
Wayfarers No. 1001 (Evanston)
Loyal No. 1007 (Skokie)
Jon P. YounanTBD
Anchor and Ark No. 1027 (Waukegan
Kirk A. PrestonRichard A. Ianson
Glenview United No. 1058 (Glenview)
Gerald D. Carlton, MSA, 33°TBD
Kelvyn Park-Willing No. 1075 (Chicago)
Adam A. MirandaSteven A. Schenk
Hellenic No. 1084 (Glenview)
George LuliasTBD
Lombard No. 1098 (Bloomingdale)
Joseph MalatiaRobert Dela Cruz
Villa Park No. 1113 (Villa Park)
Floyd H. Sullens*TBD
Argo-Summit No. 1133 (Summit)
Patrick W. Campbell*TBD
Western Springs No. 1136 (Western Springs)
Richard E. Yena, 33°TBD
Morton Grove No. 1146 (Glenview)
Bruce R. Ziebarth*TBD
Azure No. 1153 (Western Springs)
Edmund P. Brooks*Vytautas V. "Vyts" Paukstys
Cary-Grove No. 1157 (Cary)
Fred J. Martin*TBD
Clarence P. Schwarz No. 1163 (Chicago)
Burt A. Polk, 33°TBD
Oak Lawn No. 1166 (Oak Lawn)
Larry R. Crawhorn*TBD
Neighbor No. 1169 (Homewood)
Russell A. Scanlan, MSATBD
Evergreen Park No. 1171 (Tinley Park)
Men in Brotherhood No. 1178 (Elmhurst)
Scott D. Neville, VARobert Kogut
Pilipinas No. 1180 (Elmhurst)
Lux Lunae No. 1181
Medinah No. 1182
Chad NovakTBD