House Committee

2022-23 Annual Report

My Brothers of the Valley of Chicago,

This past year the Valley has continued its vigorous schedule of educational, charitable and social events in our home in Bloomingdale. In support of you, the House Committee has had a full agenda of ongoing routine maintenance and capital improvement projects during the year.

About three years ago the Board started discussions regarding the need for long-term facility planning, and we created a capital improvement plan for the Valley that extended out 25 years. With that plan came a savings program that would bankroll anticipated costs for major maintenance, systems upgrades and replacements. This past year in addition to our routine maintenance we needed to address several significant items.

During the past year we completed the following major house projects:
• Terrazzo floor honing and polishing in the Grand hall
• A/V improvement in the theater, dining room and lodge room

In addition, the following are projects slated for the coming year:
• Installation of a stained glass artifact in the dining hall lobby
• Stage rigging upgrading and maintenance
• Continued A/V improvement in the theater, dining room and lodge room

I would like to thank the members of our expanded House Committee that helped these improvements become reality this year. This larger group offered a diverse perspective on what should be done and how we should do it. I want to thank President Mike Behm, Antwane Lee, Bob Kogut, Chris Carter, Joel Jaffe, Chad Lacek and Dave Koss for their service to the House Committee. These projects would not have happened without their commitment to the Valley of Chicago.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Bruce H. Zimmerman, HGA
House Committee Chair