Gourgas Chapter Rose Croix

2019-2020 Annual Report

Illustrious Active, Illustrious Active Emeritus, Illustrious Brothers and Grand Elect Masons all;

My second and final year as Most Wise Master of the Chapter of Rose Croix has been defined by fellowship and brotherly love. At the Valley of Chicago, we have had great Fraternal Relations Nights in the Fall and Spring. Our membership introduced perspective Masons to the Scottish Rite and our beautiful cathedral. These men learned many facts about the history of our Valley, our degree system, and our contributions to Masonry as a whole.

At the last Fall Reunion, new candidates and members witnessed the 18° which is administered by the Chapter of Rose Croix. The elected and appointed officers in the Rose Croix have stepped up over the last few years to present the 18° on a very high level. Our Orator, Kris Caldwell, and our Master of Ceremonies, Eric Scanlan, served as Director and Assistant Director respectively. The officers’ core exemplify leadership and will take our Valley in a healthy, prosperous, and productive direction.

Our wives and families are the backbone and foundation of the membership. The Valley’s Executive Committee which is composed of the heads of the four Scottish Rite Bodies have refocused and re-energized many events to be more family orientated. From the Fall Festival to the Christmas Party, events are strengthening ties in the Fraternity and with our families. I believe that the Valley’s future leadership will emulate our successes.

I have also been serving as the Museum and Library Committee Chairman for over five years. After leaving the position of Most Wise Master, I plan to continue as Chairman. I would like to thank Carl Peterson, 32° and John Marquardt, 32° who have volunteered tirelessly in the library. I would also like to thank our Museum Director, Amanda Wolf who has been instrumental in putting our organization on the right path with policies and procedures, organizing and cataloging the collection, and exhibition support for events among other things. Ms. Wolf also assisted the Valley with the preparation of an appraisal of our entire art collection. The last appraisal was done when the building first opened in 2012. This is very important as it indicates the value of our assets which are managed by the Cathedral Association.

Finally, I want to say that we are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus outbreak has crippled our healthcare system and global economy. There is also uncertainty on how life will be after the pandemic has subsided. Recently I volunteered to call members of our Fraternity to inquire if they needed assistance. Our Brothers thanked me and many just enjoyed the fellowship. We must remember as Masons to be unified in the support of our members, local communities, and society at large. The Scottish Rite teaches us that the ‘Law of Love is practiced in the hearts of men’ where our care sets the foundations or are allegorically the ‘stones’ for which present and future generations rest upon.

So Mote It Be.


Antwane O. Lee
Most Wise Master
Gourgas Chapter Rose Croix