Ancient Craft Degree Team

Because every Scottish Rite Mason is a Master Mason

The Ancient Craft Degree Team (ACDT)  was established over seventy years ago to exemplify the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in the lodges of the Northeastern Area of Illinois.  The goals for the ACDT are:

  • Provide an enriching and memorable experience for the candidate
  • Set the bar for the exemplification of the Master Mason degree by delivering emotional ritual coupled with the sights and sounds of a precision drill team
  • Shine a positive spotlight on the Valley of Chicago, and Scottish Rite Masonry in general, thus encouraging VOC membership

The Ancient Craft Degree Team (ACDT) is reaching out to area lodges to offer our help conferring the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.  The intent is not to do your work for you, but to offer a memorable experience for an “extra special” candidate.  The degree will be conferred upon a single candidate in the lodge room at the Scottish Rite Valley of Chicago.  We will provide all needed personnel, costumes and props, for the degree, the requesting lodge is required to provide officers to opening and close the lodge.

To schedule a degree or inquire about joining our team, please email us at


ACDT Structure

  • Chairman – Reuben Owens
  • Ritual (interviewing, testing, training team members) – John Madl, Wayne Spooner
  • Slate Creation and Management – Bob Vighi
  • Scheduling and Marketing – Terry Hartl
  • Equipment – Elliott Velez