33º Honorees

Honorary Members of the Scottish Rite

This ultimate degree of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is awarded only by the Supreme Council at the Annual Meeting of that body and cannot be applied for. It is given to those 32° members who have performed “outstanding services for the Fraternity,” or “for service to humanity that brings great credit upon the Order.”

Nominated Candidates

The following members of the Valley of Chicago have been nominated to receive the 33rd Degree:

John P. Marquardt

Past Honorees

Lawrence D. Inglis1977
Gary D. Hermann*1979
J. Garrie Burr*1981
Barry D. Weer*1983
Edward E. Hall1986
Robert M. Lang1987
Dale R. Bennett1988
Gregory L. Clark*1988
John B. Hall*1990
Edward H. Rensi1990
Douglas F. Hegyi*1991
James P. Philip, Jr.1992
Stewart B. Smith1993
Charles H. Sullins1993
James E. Durbin1994
James W. Patton1994
Sammy King*1994
Gregory R. Klemm1995
Richard E. Yena1996
Lee Bradley1997
Frank J. Roth1997
Henry C. Tonigan, III1998
Robert A. Alley1999
Claude J. Bird, III2000
Robert A. Rylowicz2000
Richard R. Salsbury2000
Lee A. Daniels2001
Richard L. Swaney2001
John M. Cozzie2002
Michael J. Molloy2002
Robert K. Cronk*2004
Paul D. Lynch2004
Macario J. Ramos, Jr.2004
Martin P. Starr2004
William C. Aylesworth2005
Dwaine A. Churma2005
Franklin E. Cline*2005
Wallace B. Dunn2005
William J. Hussey Jr.*2005
David P. Miller2005
Richard J Stephenson2005
William E. Tienken2005

*Dual Member

** Conferred by a Foreign Jurisdiction

*** Conferred by the Southern Jurisdiction

Gerald D. Carlton2006
G. Nick Graff*2006
Richard E. Hummel*2006
Bruce W. Rhinehart*2006
Russell L. Schlosser2006
John L. Scheidel2006
Roy L. Stastny2006
Anthony R. Cracco2007
Michael C. Hinds*2007
John C. Metcalf2007
Marvin L. Selock2007
Richard T. Carnall2008
Robert O. Kuehn2008
R. Bruce DeMent, Jr.2009
Daryl W. Selock2009
Carl H. Anderson2010
Johnathan E. Barnes2010
Edward E. Derry*2010
Noel J. Kalis2010
Michael D. Connors*2011
Ahmad M. “Andy” Hassan2011
Donald H. Helmig2011
Frank P. Lasick, Jr.2011
Bernard M. North*2011
James H. Oehler2011
William J. Shaner*2011
William J. Smith2011
Karl P. Kalis2012
James E. McKinnon2012
Harvey A. Wigdor2012
Frank S. Winans2012
William J. Farris*2012
Donald F. Edwards*2013
James H. Obriecht2013
Joseph H. Santisteban2013
David F. Sedivy2013
Jerry D. Sparks2013
Craig C. Stimpert2013
David P. Crosson2015
Dale P. Cyrier2015
John J. Millner2015
Edward C. Steffy2015
John W. Quinn2015
Edward J. Witas III2015
Charles A. August2017
Michael E. Ehle2017
Andrew A. Keppy2017
J. Kenneth Ludwig2017
Stanley W. Smith2017
Byford O. Cook*2019
David A. Martin2019
Lance J. Welter2019
Clifton T. Daniel2021
Donald E. Esser2021
Chad M. Lacek2021
D. Craig McFarland2021
Scott D. Neville2021
Russell A. Scanlan2021
Charles G. Smith2021
Luciano Azevedo2023
Kristeffor D. Caldwell2023
Laurence “Pat” Clemens2023
Angelo S. Deserio2023
Joseph B. Ferrell2023
Antwane O. Lee2023
David P. Lynch2023
Reuben M. Owens2023
Vytautas V. Paukstys2023